Why Portfolio Management Services

Your Money, Our Strategy
Investing your wealth can be an overwhelming process to navigate through! Leave these worries to us. Our portfolio manager will manage and grow wealth for you. With our expertise and well-managed investment patterns we take care of your money and maintain a portfolio that will help you reap profitable returns in the future.
CLAP your way to wealth creation
  • Cost leadership & pricing power
  • Wide distribution network
  • Fund significant capex through internal accruals rather than massive debt
  • Ability to generate healthy free cash flow
  • Companies with a substantial market growth
  • Companies gaining market share from their competitors
  • Track record of execution
  • Strong corporate governance practices
OUR Investment strategy

Scalable business model with strong earning visibility

Ability to generate free cash flow growth of the last 3-5 years

Prudent capital allocation

OUR Risk Management

We are not believers in BAAP (buy at any price). Instead, we wait for the shortlisted companies to come to a price that offers relative valuation comfort.

We avoid companies that have a stressed balance sheet

We avoid companies where the track record of execution is poor