Why Portfolio Management Services

What is PMS?

It refers to a professional financial service that assists individuals or institutions in managing their investment portfolios. It involves the selection, allocation, and monitoring of various financial assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities, based on the client's investment goals and risk tolerance.

Our main objective is to maximize investment returns while minimizing risk through diversification and strategic asset allocation.


CLAP your way to wealth
  • Cost leadership & pricing power
  • Wide distribution network
  • Fund significant capex through internal accruals rather than massive debt
  • Ability to generate healthy free cash flow
  • Companies with a substantial market growth
  • Companies gaining market share from their competitors
  • Track record of execution
  • Strong corporate governance practices
Why PMS?

Expertise and Knowledge

PMS is provided by professionals with expertise in the financial markets and a deep understanding of various investment options.


A key principle in portfolio management is diversification, which involves spreading investments across different asset classes, sectors, and geographies.

Risk Management

Portfolio managers have the expertise to identify potential risks and take appropriate actions to mitigate them.

Long-Term Investment Approach

PMS often adopts a long-term investment approach, focusing on achieving sustainable growth and long-term financial goals.


By delegating portfolio management responsibility to a portfolio management service, individuals or institutions can free up their time.

Accountability and Transparency

Portfolio managers are responsible for managing the client's investments in line with their objectives and agreed-upon investment strategy.


Yes, investing in PMS requires an up-to-date KYC and a separate demat account. All your PMS securities will be held in the Demat account.

Yes, PMS investments are liquid. You will have to notify your PMS relationship manager to trigger redemption and you will receive the money in your bank account within 7 working days.

PMS typically involves assessing the client's financial situation, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. Based on this information, our portfolio manager works on our CLAP investment strategy. They continuously monitor the portfolio, make investment decisions, and rebalance it as necessary.

Portfolio management services can be discretionary or non-discretionary. In discretionary management, the portfolio manager has full authority to make investment decisions without requiring client approval for every trade.

Portfolio management services can be beneficial for individuals or institutions with significant investable assets, limited time or expertise for portfolio management, and a desire for professional guidance. However, it's important to assess individual circumstances, financial goals, risk tolerance, and cost considerations before opting for these services. Long term horizon of atleast 3-5 years is apt.