About Us

Since our inception, we have played a vital role in contributing to the growth of the Indian financial ecosystem. For us, it has always been about getting the maximum value by going a little further to discover opportunities for growth. We have a reputation for providing well-managed, consistent, and balanced investment opportunities for our investors, thus letting us measure our success on a human scale; in the clients, investors, and team who know us as trusted partners.
Our legacy

At PINC Wealth, we strive to build purpose-driven portfolios based on fundamental research and focused on realistic returns.

Our confidence originates from a 4 decade long legacy in financial services, where we've assisted clients in successfully navigating unforeseen financial situations.

Trust us to help you find the right possibilities in an ever-changing financial landscape. Our investment process was created to assist you in your wealth generation and preservation journey.

Why Invest in Indian Market?
Beginning of the Bull Market

Data suggests that when the GDP of any nation grows from $2 trillion to $5 trillion it experiences the biggest bull market.


In 5 years (2004-2009),

Hang Seng grew from 8500 to 32000- 4x gain


In 11 years (1977-1988)

Dow Jones grew from 700 to 12000- 15x gain


In 8.5 years (1978-1986)

Tokyo Stock Exchange grew from 2000 to 37000- 19x gain


GDP is currently worth $2.75 trillion,
with a goal of reaching $5 trillion this decade.

Portfolio Management Services Brochure

Leadership Team
Gaurang Gandhi

Founder and MD, PINC

Over 4 decades of comprehensive experience in the financial services industry with strong leadership.

Committed to building scalable and sustainable businesses across the financial sector.

Jaideep Bhattacharya

CEO, PINC Wealth and Asset Management

Over 28+ years of experience in the financial services sector with his expertise in wealth and asset management.

Holds a Masters degree in Economics.

Shreenidhi Padithaya

Research Head, PINC Wealth

CFA level 2 with extensive experience as Senior Equity Research Analyst.

Responsible for meeting management of various portfolio companies, attending concalls and preparing research reports and notes.